About Us

About Diginable

Diginable was created based upon the growing needs of the emerging digital economy. Specifically, users are increasingly mobile, remote and connected digitally and rely upon technology to operate efficiently and effectively. These stakeholders need to be supported to remove friction from their day to day jobs.

Together with our clients, we identify business processes that can be optimized through custom web applications or data services and then propose solutions that create the best possible business outcome. This happens by identifying major obstructions to stakeholder productivity and delivering solutions.

Our Team

Diginable’s Team has been providing data services to manufacturers and distributors for over 10 years. Many of our clients have data in silos such as PDF catalogs, excel spreadsheets, ERP and PIM (Product Information Management) systems. When data resides in disparate formats and systems, Diginable can be contracted to scrape, normalize and organize the data to enable a business outcome. Often the business outcome is creating a better digital shopping experience, but Diginable also creates dashboards to keep company resources focused and aligned in order to support a performance-based culture.

Diginable also builds custom web applications such as distributor or rep portals to facilitate commerce and strengthen client partner relationships. Other custom web applications help clients to transfer tribal knowledge from a few key contributors to a larger base of employees or partners. Often custom web applications boost employee or partner productivity by solving an organizational constraint.